F.Holland Day Center for Healing and Creativity

The retreats, located in this historic and elegant coastal "chalet," are an opportunity for women with cancer or life threatening illness to activate their natural powers of healing. Imagine a week apart from the everyday demands of life during which you attend solely to yourself. Imagine engaging in deep personal learning the objective of which is to empower your natural powers of psychological, spiritual, and emotional healing and to let go of old self-destructive habits and moods. That is what we do together.

Experienced teachers will gently guide you along your path. You will participate in carefully designed group discussions, read inspirational material, and join in rituals and exercises, all designed to help you heal and achieve emotional and spiritual peace.

Our retreats are unique in that they incorporate the creative arts, such as photography, drawing, and storytelling, which synergize and facilitate your learning and growth. Be assured that no prior experience or artistic talent is necessary for this work.

People leave the retreats reporting that their fear, resentment, depression and anxiety have diminished. They experience themselves on a new path of learning rather than one of frustration and despair. Life seems more promising and joyful. This is the optimal mood for the body to manifest its healing power though of course we do not guarantee cure. The retreats are open to women in any stage of illness.

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