Connie Reider, InScape Workshop, Participant examples

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Connie Reider Photography, INScape Healing Workshop, Participant Samples

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What Is INscape?

INscape is a distinctive workshop that uses photography, writing, meditation, and sharing as tools to go INward to gain personal INsight and learning. The workshop promotes creativity, restoration, and well-being, whether one is dealing with a serious illness, like cancer, or a significant life challenge.

Our society values achievement and being productive, living predominantly in our head. This is a “doing” as opposed to a “being”. The INscape program guides us in the practice of living predominantly in the heart, using photography as a walking meditation where one is totally immersed in the present. Freeman Patterson said, “All photographs are self-portraits”, a reflection of how one feels at a moment in time and how one perceives her/his place in the world. Photography offers an outer expression of the inner exploration of one’s life. It is a nonverbal venue to explore our actions, thoughts, emotions, and memories.

In this workshop, using photography (no experience is necessary), we will focus inward to investigate the cancer journey in both its shadow and its light.

“This is the most incredibly moving and transformational weekend I have encountered in 10 years at The Cancer Wellness Center. I have not stopped talking about it.”

—Stuart Pinkwater, PsyD
Clinical Director, Cancer Wellness Center, Northbrook, IL.

Participant Feedback & Samples from the Workshop:

Connie’s patience, warmth, compassion and deep caring make learning from and with her a pleasurable experience which combines growth with FUN!!! Mary Jo T.

I attended a women’s retreat with Connie in May 2007. Her compassionate and attentive presence along with her expertise of photography evoked and encouraged my release of old patterns of behavior. This extraordinary experience has changed my life forever, causing me to be fully present and aware which can only benefit me and anyone that I connect with in my life. Signe T.

I will never look at trees, the sun, clouds, grass, rocks or any scenery in the same as I did before the retreat!!! You are truly an inspiration to me. Connie, thank you for being YOU. Linda Z.

Connie Reider, INScape Workshop Participant samples

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